Pavers And Concrete, Jacksonville, Florida

New pavers can replace a damaged, aged or just an eyesore of a patio or driveway and bring a captivating change to both residential and commercial properties. Using a full range of materials from travertine to traditional brick pavers, our professionals have the skill and experience to execute even the most intrinsic of patterns.

Our professionals know how to properly layout and seal your new pavers to properly fit your home and make the most of your property’s layout.

We build our custom screen rooms and pool enclosures on our pavers that stand up to Florida’s harsh weather. Long lasting with fast instillations, our pavers are installed with quality assured materials by professionals to complement any property.

Add Value

Protect and increase the value of your property with the investment that benefits you daily. Always Professionally and properly installed, pavers divert water away from the foundation protecting against water erosion and flooding.


Pavers can be used to support cars and equipment alike so there is no compromise in strength when installed on driveways or easements. Not just limited to vehicles, pavers can support structures many kinds including our own custom enclosures. In the event of damage, say a fallen tree or similar impact, repair is no hassle with the ability to replace individual pavers instead of the entire area becoming compromised.

Call the Screen Guys are real industry pros. They were able to give me an awesome new pool enclosure, and we love it!
Susan Wright
Jacksonville Beach, Florida