Jacksonville Screen Rooms

A screen room can transform your porch, patio or outdoor area into an enclosure that captures the space of the outdoors with the comforts of indoor living. Using imagination, skill and experience, our team can create screened enclosures that will create brand new ways for you to enjoy relaxing at your home. We build strong, quality enclosures that are capable of handling Florida’s weather.

Our professionals know how to properly design a screen room to properly fit your home and make the most of your property’s layout.

Our screen rooms and enclosures are built on-site from high-quality aluminium and roofing that is properly designed and fit to meet the needs of your property. Here are reasons to add a screen room to your property:

Beat the Mosquitos and Lovebugs

In Florida, bugs can be a big problem when it comes time to enjoying the outdoors. If they aren’t biting you, they’re making a mess and or creating an unsafe environment. Bugs can’t be beat. But they can be locked out. Only a screen enclosure over your pool will fully block out bugs, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the pool in uninterrupted comfort.


Protect the value of your automobile by putting a roof over its head. Our professionals can construct a customized carport that will protect the driveway from the rain and sun, helping preserve the exterior quality while also keeping your car, truck or vehicle clean. Carports are built with quality roofing panels which are available in a variety of thicknesses and insulation.

Lanai Screening

Screens can be built to fit a variety of existing additions to the home, including covered patio areas like a lanai. Lanai screens will give you all the benefits of your outdoor area but with none of the bugs. In addition to insect control, lanai screens will also help add some shade to bright and severe morning and evening light.


Turn an empty space next to your home into a beautiful enclosure that’s perfect for your family. Add screens to your sunroom to keep the bugs out and the sun blocked while letting the fresh air in.

Patio Covers

Similar to a carport, a patio cover can add new utility to your backyard area. These roofing structures will add shade and comfort to your outdoor area. Add a screen enclosure to lock out the bugs, block out the bright sun and give you an outdoor space you can enjoy anytime of the day.

Composite Roofs

Our team can add value and longevity to your house, enclosure or sunroom with high quality composite roofing. With a full range of roofing materials, we can ensure a long.

Rescreens & Repairs

Don’t let the small tears, rips and blemishes on your screen detract from your outdoor space. Our professionals can repair or re-screen any residential screen room, pool enclosures or structure. Our repairs match with the existing structures materials, creating a seamless fix that will be virtually undetectable by others.

Entrances & Accessories

Our screen rooms can be built with a variety of entrance types. Some people will prefer a sliding door while others may want a hinged door or double door. Plus, our professionals can design specialty entrances to meet your needs, whatever they are. Kick plate installation can help protect your screen from damage from lawn mowers, weed-whackers and other damage.

Call the Screen Guys are real industry pros. They were able to give me an awesome new pool enclosure, and we love it!
Susan Wright
Jacksonville Beach, Florida