Reasons Why You Need A Pool Enclosure In Florida

The frequency of homes with swimming pools in Florida is increasing exponentially by the minute. Call it a fad or a craze, the people of the state have taken quite a liking to add a swimming pool as a part of their house. Installing one is not enough though, the owners have to take good care of the installation and maintain it with diligence. Here’s where pool covers and pool enclosures play a major part in the hectic lives of Floridians who find it challenging to keep with the maintenance process.

Advantages of Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures are essentially the structures that aid in experiencing a relaxing, private, secure, and cleaner swim in your pool. There are a plethora of options available when it comes to the styles, designs, and colours when getting a pool enclosure. This helps add a certain flair and finesse to your pool area and definitely enhances the aesthetic appeal of the swimming pool. Apart, from the fact that it looks great, a good pool enclosure is extremely beneficial when living in Florida for the following reasons.

Enhances Security

Getting pool enclosures is accompanied by an elevated sense of security around the outdoors. Florida is quite infamous for multiple drowning cases of children and pets due to the lack of a proper fence or enclosure around the pool. Such structures are often bestowed with good quality childproofing and locking systems so that one leaves no chances of any sort of mishaps around the pool area. Screen pool enclosures are known to be a big boon to keep unwanted visitors away from your backyard.

Combats Environmental Extremities

Any and every Floridian will agree that the winds, hurricanes, and extremities in the summer call for extra measures to protect the pool from such environmental impacts. A strong and well-built pool enclosure should be able to withstand the harsh winds during the hurricane season. Also, dealing with the plentiful sunshine and hot temperatures becomes exponentially easier when you have such covers and screened enclosures over the water. It also helps reduce the need for chemicals like chlorine which are eaten up faster when exposed to the UV ray thrown by the sun.

Simplifies Maintenance

One can easily cut down on the pool maintenance costs by getting an enclosure. On top of that, there is a lot of saving in terms of the time spent on it as well. This allows the owner to be able to use the pool whenever they please without having to go through the hassle of deep cleaning for hours before having proper access to usable waters. The pool enclosures work well in keeping the dirt away, inhibiting the growth of algae, and curb the water and chemical evaporation to a minimum. Another aspect is you can save on the money spent on the energy required to run the pool’s filters and other equipment as they don’t have to work so hard with a cover over the pool.

Adds Value To The Home

You can consult with any realtor in and around Florida, they will all agree to the fact that having a pool enclosure definitely ups the value of the house. The aesthetic appeal of a versatile and customized pool enclosure that compliments your home is something that one should be extremely proud of and look forward to. This becomes an extension of your living room where you can hang out in the summers and read, chill or snack after a fulfilling swim. Therefore, keep the pesky pests and reptiles away and experience the most out of your in-house swimming pool with a classy and elegant screened pool enclosure. 

If you are looking to reconsider your outdoor ideas and want to invest in a pool enclosure in Florida, connect with Call the Screen Guys today for a free estimate.

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