The Benefits Of Building a Screen Room For Your Swimming Pool

A home swimming pool in Florida is the best way to spend your summers. In order to enjoy the patios, swimming pools, and the outdoors in general, it is best to consider getting a pool enclosure or a screen room in Jacksonville for making the backyard an enjoyable environment. Several families often hesitate and swing back and forth on whether they should install a screen room when building their backyard pool. Installing such safety barriers as pool enclosures and screen rooms are extremely common in Florida. Here we discuss a few benefits that may ease the decision-making process for any owner.

Here’s a thorough list of the benefits

Evaluate the following factors to determine whether a screen room or a pool enclosure in Jacksonville might be a good idea for your home.

The Benefits of a Pool Enclosure in Jacksonville

Protection from the sun

Jacksonville is mild to warm most of the year. Summer (Jun–Aug) is hot and humid. One of the main purposes of a pool screen room in Jacksonville is to let in plenty of natural light without actually letting the harsh sun rays into the area. It offers ample shade in the scorching heat. It is beneficial to filter the light as such as it protects the skin from the harmful elements of sunlight and keeps it healthy. This also adds to prolong the life of chlorine which is depleted easily due to lack of sun protection.

Enhances the safety

This aspect is a true pro and makes the installation of screen rooms very important. They provide utmost security from elements like dirt, insects, and debris like fallen leaves from tarnishing the pool. It also keeps unwanted visitors like creepy crawlies, snakes, birds, and sometimes even alligators away from your pool. An open backyard definitely warrants the use of a screen room to keep safety abolished.

Year-round pool use

Getting a screen room is known to increase the swim time in the pools in the most significant manner. Several pool owners who have an enclosed swimming space consider including other entertaining elements like patio furniture, hot tub, a pool bar, and a pool heater to accommodate comfortable swimming conditions no matter the season. The screen rooms are appropriate especially if one lives in a town or city that experiences frequent rain or snow.

Eases the maintenance of the pool

Since the screening-in of the pool prevents the sunlight from contaminating the pool with the growth of algae along the walls and the bottom. It keeps the pool effectively cleaner and healthier throughout the year especially in the months that follow the most activity in the pool, September and October. The lesser the clutter, the fewer the amount of time one might need to skim the water. A screen room keeping all the dirty stuff away also ensures the pool filters are not clogged as easily.



We can make screen enclosures affordable for anyone. The budget is a major concern where some families might consider avoiding the installation or building of a screen room. The expense of such an undertaking can often become cost-ineffective for several owners. This extra price tag is something to take into appropriate consideration when building a pool enclosure or a screen room. Consulting reputed screen room experts can mitigate this drawback in an efficient manner by a thorough discussion and coming up with plans and designs that can easily be accommodated in the client’s budget.

Wrapping up

The pros outweigh the considerations by a large margin. These pointers should be considered thoroughly to make an informed and appropriate decision. Choose the appropriate contractors that can adhere to your needs and work hand-in-hand to build an elegant screen room or a pool enclosure for your swimming pool.

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