Multiple Design Options For Screen Room Roofs


A screen room is a prized establishment in any household. The design of the screen room or pool enclosure has to be immaculate and one of a kind. The outdoors represents a major personality trait of the infrastructure and covering the pool with a screen room aids in shaping it also. Apart from the protection from insects, creepy crawlies, and the harsh sunlight and UV rays, screen rooms also prove to be an aesthetically appealing element in your backyard.

Ideas For Screen Room Roofs

There are a plethora of options when considering the perfect design for the screen room roof. They add a stylish component to the otherwise standard room and bring forth the needed visual zest to the utility. These can be chosen on the basis of the architectural aspect of the home and attribute the design that will be the most coherent with the look and feel. Here are a few options you can choose from while designing a screen room for your pool or patio.

#1 Gable Roof

One of the most popular roofing structures, when it comes to screen rooms is a gable roof. The professionals are familiar with erecting such structures and this is highly recommend as it can stand on its own with ease and does not need to be attached to the home. This type of roofing is usually referred to as A-line framing of the roof for the screen room. It is beneficial in areas with heavy wind and the angles are set at approximately forty degrees for water and snow to easily slide off. This is the perfect option if you wish to opt for the classic look. 

#2 Mansard Roof

This is quite a modern enclosure roof with flat sides and angles edges. It presents a multifaceted patio roof design enjoyed by many homeowners. It is flat on the top and has sloping edges that usually taper off into the angels below. These are preferred as they create an aura of a large and wide-open space in the screen room. This spacious roof option is convenient for pool enclosures and is recommended by professionals.

#3 Dome Roof

This one is pretty straightforward as suggested by the name. The roof is shaped like a dome and brings quite a lavish and majestic feel to the pool. It has been a renowned option for ages. The slopes are gradual and extremely stable and visually appealing. The aesthetic value of this structure is immense and can complement a vintage house beautifully. Consult a professional to plan the intricacies of such a roof for your screen room.

#4 Hip Roof

Another popular variation of a mansard roof is a hip roof. In comparison to the former type, a hip roof is not flat at the midsection. This kind slopes upwards from all the edges and intersects at the top. The hip roofs are highly appropriate for wind resistance and preferred in hurricane-prone states like Florida. Due to the slopes, hip roofs appear to be taller than mansard roofs in a screen room. 

#5 Custom Roof

Apart from the standard designs, you can opt for a customized version of these roofs to suit your style appropriately. Often a combination of two styles or a slope elaborately attached to the home makes for a good roof for the screen room. We can help you create the perfect roof that fits your wishlist and make the screen room just like you have envisioned it.

Wrapping Up

A screen room can make for the perfect place to kick back and relax. Designing each detail with precision can make it a cosy space for the family. Choosing the correct roof with the help of our experts can be one such step in the right direction.

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