Unheard And Clever Ways To Utilize Your Spare Backyard Space


Outdoor spaces are conventionally meant to make you feel closer to nature and simultaneously give your house an added grandeur. But, owing to our busy lives, we often skip the regular maintenance and they end up turning into “boring backyards”. Do you have an outdoor space or a backyard that you barely use? Are you interested in exceptional screen rooms in Jacksonville to makeover your backyard space? With the help of outdoor privacy screens, sunrooms, patios, and many other affordable types of structures, you can cleverly re-model your basic backyard space and increase its appeal. 

Creative ideas for a quick backyard makeover in Jacksonville with screen enclosures: 

1. Build A Romantic Oasis

If sipping a glass of wine while savoring the euphoric breezes or soaking in the sunsets, is your idea of a perfect date night, then why bother googling the best restaurants in your area every week when you can create a romantic oasis just next to your home. Buy some classy furniture and top it up with a ton of personalized elements like hanging lights, cozy cushions, scented candles, or lanterns and there it is… your very own wine & dine corner! To make your corner more private and save it from bugs and Florida’s scorching heat, you can cover it with our screen enclosures in Jacksonville or a customized patio cover. 

 2. Heat It Up With A Bonfire Pit

A bonfire pit is one of the most timeless elements that one can add to their backyard. They add a classic touch to your space and make the backyard/garden look more welcoming.  And, the best part about bonfire pits is their versatility,  no matter the size of your backyard (or even your budget), there are alternatives of bonfire pits for anyone and everyone. If you are looking for a permanent fire pit, you can build one with stone, concrete, bricks, etc. And, if you aren’t quite sure about a permanent change,  then we recommend that you should go with a  pre-made fire pit.

3. Keep The Little Ones Busy With A Play Area

If you don’t want your little ones to spend their entire day staring at the screens then building an outdoor play area for the best thing to do. You can DIY a tent and leave it to the children whether they want to utilize it as a reading station, a castle, or a science lab! You’ll be surprised how creative they can be. You can also add-on some outdoor game structures like a basketball hoop or cornhole, mini-golf course, tennis net, whatever your kids like. 

4. Personalize A Zen Corner

A personal zen corner in the backyard can be a life-changing investment for anyone! All you have to do is utilize outdoor privacy screens effectively and you can fabricate a multipurpose backyard zen corner. If reading soothes your mind, fill it with books, if the music does the magic install speakers, whatever feels right!  Outdoor screens protect you from sunlight and bugs without taking the joy away the fresh air, so you can even meditate or have a soothing afternoon nap in that zen room of yours. 

5. Construct A Smart Storage Space

If you are a bit skeptical about what to do with your backyard then the simplest and the most affordable option is to build a space for extra storage. To make it more convenient you can opt for outdoor sitting benches with in-built storage. These benches are a lot more than just a piece of furniture. They not only add an element of flair and comfort to your backyard but the inbuilt storage also becomes very handy to store gardening equipment and lawn accessories. 

6. Game Arena  

If you think ‘hosting game nights’ are the best way to spend a Saturday night then this one for you! The versatility quotient of garden game rooms is immense. You can host loud boys nights, play board games with family and friends, store some books, install a pool table, a foosball table… the list can go on. Call the screen guys to offer a diverse range of outdoor screens that might be ideal to protect your garden game room from bugs, dust, and sunlight.  Contact our team for more information. 

We hope this helped

We hope we have struck some inspiration and now you finally begin planning that long overdue backyard makeover! If you are looking for outdoor screening solutions in Florida, contact our team at Call the Screen Guys and find out more about how we can turn your backyard into something spectacular. 

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